Municipal Court

Municipal Judge - Erin Willis

Attorney - Jonathan Pierce

Court Clerk -Jodi Frazier

October 1, 2020

Municipal Court

1st Thursday of every month 3pm at Anderson City Hall ...

3:00 pm
103 W Beaver St, Anderson MO 64831
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Your traffic summons allows you to appear in person before the Municipal Judge in Anderson Missouri on the date written at the top of your citation.

Mandatory Court Appearances:

>   Issuing officer requires your appearance
>  Your violation is NOT listed in the table below
>  Any violation resulting in an accident or injury

For you convenience you may wish to plead guilty and avoid a court appearance by either mailing in your payment or paying online. 
You may only do so if your violation is listed in the table below. 

To plead guilty by mail:  Fill out the address information and sign your name in the "Appearance, Plea and Waiver" section on the back of your citation, then mail or bring your citation to the municipal court  at 103 W Beaver St. prior to the summons date. Our mailing address is:
City of Anderson
PO Box 397
Anderson, MO  64831
To pay your citation and plea guilty online click here.


Municipal Court Fines

Exceeded Posted Speed Limit 1-5 MPH Over$83
Exceeded Posted Speed Limit 6-10 MPH Over$93
Exceeded Posted Speed Limit 11-15 MPH Over$103
Exceeded Posted Speed Limit 16-19 MPH Over$132
Exceeded Posted Speed Limit 20-25 MPH Over$188
Fail to Stop / Yield$93
Improper R/L Turn$93
Prohibited U Turn$93
Fail to Signal$93
Failure to Keep Right$93
No Insurance$175
Following To Close$93
Failure to Secure Load$163
Improper Lane Usage$93
Improper Passing$83
Failure to Use Child Safety Restraint$114
No Seat Belt$10
No Drivers License$93
Illegal Parking$25
Improper Registration$83